Florida: More than the Punchline State

If you recently took the quiz “What Part of Florida Should You Life In?” then you might have been suggested a wonderful part of Florida to suit your unique personality. The beauty of Florida is that it is a melting pot of all kinds of people and places- and there is a place for every kind of person.


Whether you live in Central Florida, the Panhandle, South Florida, or Southwest Florida, rest assured you are well represented in the national news. Here in Florida, we celebrate weird from all over. No matter where you hail from in the Punchline State, no place is safe from headlines. Being from Southwest Florida, I like to think that I’m safe from the Central Florida alligator and Walmart madness. Nope! It even gets weird where I’m from- a woman was caught having intercourse with her dogs. In Tampa, 34-year-old man Jarvis Carlton Sutton wanted Kool-Aid, hamburgers, and weed, and he wanted police to bring them to him.


Another instance of bizarre Florida antics takes us to North Florida where Karen Henry, 45, Daytona, threatened her 80-year-old father with a large kitchen knife when he said she could not eat his potato salad. If that kind of crazy isn’t strange enough, don’t worry, St. Augustine offers the story of Charles Tucker Jr., 33,who died in his girlfriend’s cat door. He attempted to sneak in the house while she was away and got stuck in the cat door, she arrived home to find him dead in the cat door. It’s probably safe to say the cat didn’t get inside that weekend.


Florida has been recently hailed by some as the “Punchline State” and they aren’t too far off. Florida’s weird news now has its own designated blogs and news sites. In fact, it’s more than that. The state is now a Jeopardy! feature. There are so many bizarre Florida headlines that the state warrants its own news pages—and even its own Jeopardy! category. Click here to watch a segment of “Weird Florida Man” Jeopardy!

One of the Jeopardy! questions surprisingly stumped contestants. After all, with all the retirees and snowbirds, Bingo makes for some interest SouthPark skits, why wouldn’t it make for the perfect answer to the Jeopardy! question, “Florida Man slashes 88-year-old woman’s tires with ice pick for sitting in his seat during this five-letter game.”

In case you can’t wait to find out what other strange things have happened in Florida, you don’t have to wait for the next headline—Buzzfeed has curated 101 of the strangest things to happen in Florida.

*Face palm*. Welcome to the land of the free… roaming strange and insane.


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I’m an attorney and communications professional. I previously graduated from Stetson University with my Juris Doctor in May 2014, and earned by Bachelors of Science in Journalism in 2011 and Masters of Mass Communication and Social Media in 2016 from the University of Florida. An interesting fact is that I am a multi-national champion equestrian. Most of my free time is spent riding and competing in horse shows in the United States and Canada. Horses are my passion. Equestrian is my sport, but I love all sports; watching, participating, and reporting. I covered the Florida Gators during college, was a legal intern with the Tampa Bay Lightning during law school, and did compliance at UNC Chapel Hill after graduation- talk about fun times! I do have a sidekick- she's a little diva of a Golden Retriever named Jessie. She goes almost everywhere with me. The front seat of my car is reserved for her, or so she thinks. Actually, it really is. I love writing and adore people; everyone has a story. What's yours? Cheers, XO

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