QUIZ: What Part of Florida Should You Live In?

We all know that Florida is the melting pot of the South.

In fact, it’s hardly a part of “The South”. Certain parts of Florida might as well be other countries while others leave you wondering where the beach is.


This wonderful state features people from all walks of life and personalities. Florida proudly and prominently features lifting bros, college sports junkies, club goers, beach bums, backwoods-headline-making-folks, athletes, and so many other unique individuals.


Fear not, dear friends! There is a home for you somewhere in Florida and I have created the quiz for you to find out where you belong!

Whether you work hard and play harder, need time relaxing at the beach, or enjoy life’s simple pleasures, rest assured you can find your spot here in the Sunshine State.



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I’m an attorney and communications professional. I previously graduated from Stetson University with my Juris Doctor in May 2014, and earned by Bachelors of Science in Journalism in 2011 and Masters of Mass Communication and Social Media in 2016 from the University of Florida. An interesting fact is that I am a multi-national champion equestrian. Most of my free time is spent riding and competing in horse shows in the United States and Canada. Horses are my passion. Equestrian is my sport, but I love all sports; watching, participating, and reporting. I covered the Florida Gators during college, was a legal intern with the Tampa Bay Lightning during law school, and did compliance at UNC Chapel Hill after graduation- talk about fun times! I do have a sidekick- she's a little diva of a Golden Retriever named Jessie. She goes almost everywhere with me. The front seat of my car is reserved for her, or so she thinks. Actually, it really is. I love writing and adore people; everyone has a story. What's yours? Cheers, XO

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